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Monday, February 19, 2007/19.2.07
Spiderman Sample Script: Protection - 2006
**another short script created for penciljack's sample scripts for artists thread. Again based on McKeever's SMLMJ Series**
Ielle Palmer
PAGE ONE, Five Panels

Panel One: CU of fingers dialing on a cellphone

Panel Two: Fullshot of teenaged MJ walking down a flight of stairs leading into the subway. In the background we can see a couple walking up the stairs, heading for the surface. Other than that, she is alone and it’s night.

MJ: Mom? Uh, why aren’t you home? Ok, well I’m probably just talking to myself, but I had to stay late to help with inventory. I’m catching the last train out right now, so I should be home in about a half hour…

Panel Three: CU of MJ nervously waiting for the train, being careful not to stand anywhere near the edge. She’s watching a bum who is squatting down on the platform near the mouth of the subway tunnel, a bit worried by his behavior.

MJ:…sure would be nice if you met me at the station with the car. Hope everything’s-

Answering Machine: (over phone) BEEEP!

Panel Four: MS of MJ is closing her cellphone and pulling her coat tighter with the other hand. She is looking down at her feet, depressed. The bum is shuffling off up the stairs. From the tunnel, odd noises begin to erupt.

MJ: *sigh* Love you.


Panel Five: Low angle Medium LS of MJ stepping closer to the edge of the platform. Curiousity has taken hold.

MJ: …?

PAGE TWO, Six panels

Panel One: WA LS of the Green Goblin’s flying machine completely out of control, bumping into the opposite wall of the platform. GG is waving one arm up, trying to shake off Spiderman who is clinging onto GG’s neck for dear life. Spidey’s legs are flailing up behind them. MS of MJ watching in the foreground, her back is to us but we can tell from her body language that while she’s terrified, she’s exhilarated as well.

Spidey: Whooooooooa!

Spidey: (linked) You know, that’s gonna wreak havoc on the resale.

MJ: Ohmagawd! Spiderman?

Panel Two: CU of Spiderman turning his head, noticing her.


Panel Three: Medium LS of Spiderman falling backwards towards track as GG spins his flying machine up and off to the left towards the platform. MJ is ducking, although he’s not close to her.

Panel Four: MS of Spiderman hitting the subway tracks hard.

Panel Five: LS of GG riding his machine off up the stairway to the surface. CU of MJ’s in the foreground. She’s lying on the platform, terrified. She’s peaking back over her shoulder at GG escaping.

Spidey (OP): (weakly) Anyone get his plate number?

Panel Six: Tight MS of Spidey slowly getting up. He looks down the tunnel only to see the lights of oncoming subway train.

Spidey: Doesn’t feel like anything is…

Spidey: (link) …broken?

Spidey: (link) aw, crap.

PAGE THREE, Four panels

Panel One:
Medium LS of Spidey jumping backwards up onto the platform beside MJ (who is standing now).

Panel Two: Loose CU of Spidey nearly falling off the edge, his nose is inches from the subway train that’s barreling by. But MJ’s hand is firmly holding him by the shoulder, pulling him back. She looks surprised to be saving him, as much as he appears surprised that he didn’t quite nail his landing.

Panel Three: CU of Spidey standing on the edge of the platform, He is still facing the tracks, but his head is turned to look at her. MJ is staring at him dreamily, a cheesy grin has found its way across her face.

Spidey: Uh… thanks.

MJ: No problem, but he got away.

Spidey: Yeah, saw that. It’s a little late for you to be out alone, isn’t it?

MJ: Uh, who just saved whom?

Spidey: whh…I-I need to go get him.

Panel Four: LS Spidey is slinging his way up the stairs to the surface. Loose CU of MJ inside the subway watching him through the glass. She is completely under his spell. She looks like a lovesick kitten. That same stupid grin is still plastered across her face.

Page Four, Three Panels

Panel One: Ext. Subway station - Queens. LS of MJ standing on the semi-shoveled sidewalk outside the subway exit, looking around depressed. Her mother has not come for her.

Panel Two: Tight MS of MJ looking back to see Peter approaching her.

Peter: MJ?

MJ: Peter? What are you doing here?

Peter: Late tutoring session. Want to walk back together? I mean it’s late and-

Panel Three: LS of MJ and Peter as they head down the street. She teasingly bumps him with her shoulder. Her arm is already linked around his. She grins micheviously at him, as he reddens and stares at his feet.

MJ: Sure Peter…

MJ (link): I’ll protect ya.

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