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"Thunderstruck" - Zatanna and Captain Marvel (Shazam) 8pg Sample Script
Captain Marvel and Zatanna are copywrite of DC comics.

ielle palmer - 2008

Page One, Four Panels

Panel 1:
We see the interior of a museum late at night. A large creature is smashing through a wall
causing various ancient artifacts to be demolished or go flying through the air. This creature (which is some sort of basilisk, an 8 legged lizzard with a spiked back, extremely long tail, forked tongue and claws for toes. Basically a mutant baby of a Gila Monster and balding porcupine).

We can also see that attached to this creature is Zatanna, her body failing out behind her as if it’s flying. She is holding onto a magical lasso (a TRUE magical lasso one made of light not shiny thread like wonder woman’s) which is looped about the creature’s neck. Her other hand is holding onto her top hat.



Zatanna: Aohw! I dias AOHW!

Panel 2:
The creature begins to buck like a horse. Zatanna is tossed upwards, her hat can be seen flying
away on its own now. She magically gestures with her newly free hand down at the creature.

Z: Erutaerc eb lilts!

Panel 3:
the creature’s spiked tail smashes into a display, utterly ravaging it. The valuable artifact (possibly a bust or a vase) encased within it is about to fall.


Panel 4:
Zatanna, thrusts her free hand out at the artifact.

Z: dloh ereht!

Page Two, Seven Panels

Panel 1:
The artifact is now frozen in mid-air. A Magical aura surrounds it.

Panel 2:
Extreme close up of Zatanna sighing in relief.

Panel 3:
Same Angle, suddenly Zatanna’s look of relief has been replaced with a more surprised
expression. Almost as if she’s been goosed.

Z: Oh--

Panel 4:
The Basilisk kicks up the last two sets of its 8 legs and launches Zatanna like a rag doll for the
opposing wall.

Z: tttttttiiiiiihhhssss!

Panel 5:
Zatanna is rising from the ruble, various suits of armor and weapons are scattered around her.

Z: That’s it DINO. Screw my membership to PETA, some things DESERVE extinction!

Panel 6:
The Basilisk lines itself up like a bull as Zatanna rolls up her sleeves. The main focus on this
page is how large the Basilisk's mouth is as it's jaw almost unhinges to let out an unholy


Panel 7:
Tight shot of Zatanna, her eyes narrowing in determination.

Z: Listerine – look into it.

Page Three – 5 Panels

Panel 1:
The Basilisk charges.

Panel 2:
Zatanna holds a pose that looks like it could both be for dramatic effect and combat reasons (artist choice). She continues to glare the monster down.

Z: This is MY world, Godzilla. Nruter morf Ecnehw voy emac!

Panel 3:
Mid-Leap the basilis hangs directly above Zatanna. The upper part of his body is returning to
stone, while its tail is still flesh. Magicial rays of light and rune symbols within the light encircle
its body.

Panel 4:
Zatanna looking up completely shadowed by the basilisk. She's suddenly realized that she's
under the mammoth slab of falling rock.

Z: Aw crap.

Panel 5:
Same Angle, a blue of red tackles Zatanna from the side, shoving her out of the way. We see
mostly speedlines and a faint outline of her body.

Z: Huuuurrrp!

Page Four – 6 Panels

Panel 1:
Zatanna is holding her head while laying in a pile of rubble. The wall behind her has been split,
with pieces of debris all around. We can see someone's head just about smushed into her

Z: Ugh, FLASH. great to see you, but couldn't you have at least pulled--

Panel 2:
Zatanna trying to pull away as she realizes some strange man (Capt. Marvel) is bear hugging
her, pressing his face up into her cleavage and wincing as if he's bracing for an explosion.

Z: You're not the Flash –- did you just cop a FEEL?

Panel 3:
Marvel has pushed himself back. Their legs are still tangled up and they remain on the ground,
but he too has edged back as far as he can, turning eight shades of red. Zatanna is looking
down as she adjusts her top.

M: Ohmahgosh! I didn't, I mean to do -- I would never, uh not say that you're not h--

Z: Forget it. You saved my life, we'll call it a draw.

Panel 4:
Now standing, Marvel tries to be a gentleman and NOT watch as Zatanna goes about the
business of fixing her fishnet stockings.

M: Y-your Zatanna, right?

Z: That's what the bill collectors tell me. Nice cape, by the way...uh LIGHTNING guy?

Panel 5:
Marvel takes up his standard hero pose with his hands on his hips


Panel 6:
CU of Zatanna staring at him in disbelief and mild amusement.

Z: Of course you are.

Page Five – 5 Panels

Panel 1:
Zatanna is walking out of the rubble and heading for the museum exit. Capt. Marvel sprints to
keep up.

M: Hey! Hey we did really great as a team back there!

Z: What are you talking about?

Panel 2:
Marvel steps in front of Zatanna blocking her way. His body language is similar to an excited
child. Meanwhile Zatanna is looking at him as if he's crazy.

M: We should work together, you know um... again. Your skills, my brawn.

Z: Uh, sure. Why dontcha have your people call my people.

Panel 3:
Marvel turns to watch Zatanna keep walking.

M: You have people! That's so cool!

Panel 4:
Marvel is hovering behind Zatanna (who is still walking away without looking back at him).
They are passing an exhibit on cavemen. One of the cavemen is dragging a cavewoman by
her hair back to the cave.

M: But, I was kinda thinking of right now.

Z: Uh, show's over big guy. We won.

M: But that's not why MY people sent me.

Panel 5:
Zatanna, after obviously giving up on shaking this guy, stops and turns to address Marvel.

Z (small): You actually HAVE people?

Z (linked and regular size): Ok, I give, why ARE you here if not for the runaway Jurassic Park

Page Six – 6 Panels

Panel 1:
Int. caves far below the museum. It looks like something out of temple of doom. Fire and brimstone coming out of a pit. Hundreds of worshipers chanting as a high priestess is doing a ceremony over an alter about to slam a knife through a screaming child's chest. Way up at the top we see Marvel and Zatanna peaking out from one of the many holes in the cave walls.

Z: Holy &*$%

CAPTION: Moments later

Panel 2:
Zatanna leans closer to Marvel, making him look a bit uncomfortable as she whispers to him.

Z: Should I be covering my heart?

M: Huh?

Z: Nevermind, lets do this.

Panel 3:
Marvel and Zatanna having jumped over the side, land on the platform near the lava, Zatanna
is closest to the large medallion of the lizard she just killed.

Z (OP): Hey Captain Terrific, I know this symbol. It's Kar'vel.

M (OP): Carvel? The ice cream?

Panel 4:
Zatanna rolls her eyes as she uses her magic to trap a few of the angry mob in a force field like bubble. Meanwhile Marvel smashes two guys together while a third is clinging to his back

Z: Yes, Carvel the ice cream.

M: Really?

Z: NO! It's the thing from the library, the basilisk! He's their god.

Panel 5:
Marvel tosses the guy from his back into an oncoming group of other worshipers, knocking
them all down.

M: Hey that's neat. Our cases are related!

Panel 6:
Zatanna again raises an eyebrow at his behavior. We can see the priestess sneaking up behind
her, holding her dagger high.

Z: Yeah -- neat.

Page Seven – 7 Panels

Panel 1:
We see Marvel (still having worshipers attempting to jump on him) suddenly blow a huge gust
of wind at Zatanna, knocking her up off her feet and back.

Z: Hey, watch it!

Panel 2:
Zatanna crashes into the wall, crushing the Priestess behind her, knocking her out.

Panel 3:
The worshipers stop, some look surprised. Others are kneeling praying. Zatanna looks behind
her and sees the woman is out cold. Marvel stands heroically.

Z: What the – oh. Nice.

Panel 4:
Marvel Leans down and offers Zatanna a hand up like a gentleman. Suddenly Zatanna seems
to regard him with much more respect.

M: Need a hand?

Z: Thanks.

Panel 5:
Zatanna steps closer to Marvel, putting her hand on his chest. She looks up at him dreamily as he looks around at the beaten worshipers.

M: They quit fighting.

Z: Most tribes do when you take out the leader. Look, I'm sorry about earlier. I was
wondering if maybe I could make it up to you.

Panel 6:
Marvel suddenly looks back at her alarmed.

M: Uh. Well, that'd be great but -- *sigh* I think you should know something.

Panel 7:
CU of Zatanna's eyes bulging.

M (OP): Sha-ZAM!

Page Eight – 3 Panels

Panel 1:
Int. Zatanna's dressing room, later that evening. CU of Black Canary laughing her ass off.

BC: A KID! He's a KID?


Panel 2:
Zatanna is sitting by her dressing room mirror pouting. Black Canary is leaning against the door

BC: Oh god! Oh, Ollie has to hear this.

Z: I don't know why I tell you anything.

Panel 3:
Zatanna continues to pout as a stage hand opens the door. Black Canary is on the phone.

SH: 5 Minutes til curtain Miss Zatanna.

BC: Ollie? Your what? Look, forget Deathstroke, wait 'til you get a load of THIS!

Z: Gaaahhhh!

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