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Monday, February 19, 2007/19.2.07
Curfew - 2006 Practice Script
**one i created just for practice with dialogue**

Ielle Palmer

PAGE ONE, Splash Page

Splash Page: A young teenage girl peacefully looks over the rooftops of a small city landscape. It’s late night, way past her time to be out, but she looks as though she doesn’t have a care in the world. Her arms are lifted up as if she is about to fly.

PAGE TWO, Three Panels

Panel One: Silhouette of her falling off the building contrasted against the moonlight and street lights, she continues to appear peaceful. Her back is arched along with the arms, like a bird.

Panel Two: CU of her suddenly looking concerned

Panel Three: MS of her clawing the air as she plummets down

MAUDY: Oh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh---!

PAGE THREE, Four Panels

Panel One: CU of another hand grabbing her mid air

Panel Two: MS high angle of her hanging off the arm of a boy of the same age, there’s a strong resemblance between them. The boy’s other arm is wrapped around the end of old raised fire escape ladder.

MATT: Told ya.

Panel Three: CU of Maudy climbing up his back with ease.

MAUDY: Shut up, Matthew...

Panel Four: CU of Maudy Stepping on Matt’s face, crushing his nose a bit.

MAUDY: …It was worth a try.

MATT: Ah…ow!

PAGE FOUR, Four Panels

Panel One: CU of a screw coming loose on the fire escape ladder right beside Maudy’s nose, she sees this and her eyes widen

MAUDY (quietly) uh oh.

MATT (from below) Uh OH?

Panel Two: Wide angle of the ladder breaking loose and the two of them tumbling backwards with it.

SOUND (from both teens): AHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Panel Three: Now on the dirty back alley’s street, Mathew is sitting up rubbing his elbow.


MATT: Maude Ann?

Panel Four: legs are sticking out from beside a dumpster, lifeless.

MATT: Maudy?

PAGE FIVE, Four Panels

Panel One: MS of Maudy, she looks like death. Her head has smashed against the dumpster and blood is running down her nose. We can see her arm is dislocated.

MATT: Aw man… you ruined your shirt. How are we going to explain that to mom?

Panel Two: She still looks dead, Matt is leaning over her, slowly starting to look concerned.

MATT: M-Maudy?

Panel Three: CU of Maudy reaching forward toward him with her arms out like a zombie and her eyes bulging. The art should be something that could easily be found in any Romero film or the Walking Dead series, minus the decaying flesh.


Panel Four: MS of Matt looking pissed. She’s laughing and dusting herself off.

MATT: Hardy har, you’re a brat.

MAUDY: I felt it was my sisterly duty.

PAGE SIX, Five Panels

Panel One: Maude snaps her neck, popping everything back in place with absolutely no pain. She acts as if she’s done nothing more than popped a kink out of her neck. Matt acts as if he’s seen this a million times before.

Panel Two: CU of Maudy rubbing her nose and the blood seems to have vanished, along with all the other bruises.

MAUDY: How do I look?

MATT: Ugly. But you’ll pass mom’s radar… except for that shirt.

Panel Three: Matt is hovering a few inches above the ground while Maudy leans forward holding her arms behind her, popping her fingers like a pianist doing a crazed yoga pose. She is peaking up from below at her floating brother.

MAUDY: Stop that, someone will see.

MATT: I thought we came here to practice.

MAUDY: Yeah well, we’re done.

Panel Four: TIGHT MS of Matt as he drifts backwards, lounging like he’s on an invisible recliner

MATT: Aw, I’m having fun.

MAUDY: Well I’m not.

MATT: That’s because you can’t fly.

Panel Five: CU of a fist smashing Matt backward.

MATT: Oomph!

PAGE SEVEN, Six Panels

Panel One: Matt is kneeling on the ground rubbing his jaw. Maudy is standing over him, arms crossed looking around as if she’s worried someone might have seen, but not all that concerned that he’s on the floor.

MATT: yu boc ma jah! Ahhh owww.

MAUDY: Oh shut up and snap it back

Panel Two: CU of Matt holding his jaw and looking up at her pissed.

MATT: I cann!

Panel Three: MS of Maude kneeling next to him. She has her hand on his jaw, forcing him to turn from side to side so she can inspect it. This is apparently even more painful and he’s trying to shove her off him.

MAUDY: oh…. Oh. Whoops. heh, heh... ahem.

MATT: Whuufs? Whuufs! Mawwd!!

Panel Four: LS of the twins walking (well Matt somewhat floating) down the alley. Maudy is leading the way, but walking backwards so she can face him. Her body language shows that she’s a bit sorry, but she refuses to let him know that. Matt is still messing with his face.

MAUDY: Well how was I suppose to know you have a glass jaw?

MATT: I don habe a glass jaw…ahh. You hih harr.

MAUDY: Such a baby.

Panel Five: Cu of them squaring off again, nearly nose to nose.


MAUDE: What did you call me?

Panel Six: Same Shot, but the twins are staring at each other in surprise as a scream from another alley echoes out.


PAGE EIGHT, Four Panels

Panel One: LS of the twins poking their heads around the corner of another side alley

MATT: Do you shee it?

MAUDY: Uh no…there’s no fire.

Panel Two: Low angle of Maude running full speed into the furthest reaches of the alley. Matt is still holding his jaw, looking surprised.

WOMAN’S VOICE: (burst) Somebody HELP ME!!

MAUDY: Holy shit, someone’s being attacked! Come on!

MATT: Way, wha?!

Panel Three: MS of Maudy pile driving like a NFL pro into the side of a masked man armed with a knife, the purse he was holding flies up into the air while backed against a wall, a woman looks horrified by what’s going on. An second mugger, who is pressing his gun into the woman’s jaw, also looks surprised by what’s happened.


Panel Four: MS of the armed mugger switching his sights from the victim to Maudy. Behind him we can see Matt flying at him with is hand stretched forward, hoping to reach him. The gun is already breaking apart. Lines are spreading out all over it, like crackle paint or something you would see after smashing your hand on a saltine, yet no one has touched it.

MUGGER 2: What the f-fu--?

MATT: Mawwdy!


PAGE NINE, Five Panels

Panel One: CU (shoulders up) of the guy, terrified as he watches it turn to dust within his hands and filter through his grasp.

Panel Two: the now unarmed gunman scurries away as Matt is playing with some of the dirt left from the gun. The victim is still against the wall, more terrified and confused now than before. Maude is bitch slapping the first mugger in the foreground.

MATT: Wow.

MAUDY: Matt!

MATT: Wha?

MAUDY: He’s getting away!

Panel Three: CU of Matt suddenly getting it. He smirks and thrusts his hand out.

MATT: Doan thing foe.

Panel Four: MS of the mugger covering his head as pieces of the neighboring building shower down on him.

Panel Five: Maudy looks away from her own fight in awe, forgetting what she’s doing. Behind her the mugger is fumbling around for something, preparing to attack.

MAUDY: No way!

PAGE TEN, Six Panels

Panel One: CU of Matt looking rather pleased with himself.

Panel Two: Same shot, but Matt looks terrified and tries to shout out.

MATT: (burst) OOK OW!!

Panel Three: CU of the knife lashing out through the air.

Panel Four: The blade stops short of Maudy’s back as if it’s hit some invisible shield. She's already begun to turn around.

Panel Five: CU of Maudy as she taps the knife so it spins to face him. Her face looks almost evil now.

MAUDY: Sic em.

Panel Six: LS of the man running away screaming as his knife is now chasing him out of the alley.

PAGE ELEVEN, Three Panels

Panel One: Wide shot of Matt sliding up beside his sister, who seems happily surprised at her new power. Also looks shocked by this new development

MATT: Di you know you coo do dat?

MAUDY: Do I look like I knew?

Sound: CRASH!

Panel Two: Same shot as before, but the twins have separated and turned so that we can now see what’s behind them. The victim is trying to pick herself back up from the garbage can she’s just tripped over. She’s holding a can of mace up at the twins, while her purse dangles from her elbow.

WOMAN: Stay away from me. You just stay back!

MAUDY: Well, that’s gratitude.

MATT: Yea.

Panel three: High Angle looking down at the alley. The woman is running off in the opposite direction as fast as she can. The one mugger’s legs are sticking out from under the rubble and the twins are walking (well Matt is hovering) off together in another.

MAUDY: Pizza?

MATT: Pee-sha.

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Spiderman Sample Script: Protection - 2006
**another short script created for penciljack's sample scripts for artists thread. Again based on McKeever's SMLMJ Series**
Ielle Palmer
PAGE ONE, Five Panels

Panel One: CU of fingers dialing on a cellphone

Panel Two: Fullshot of teenaged MJ walking down a flight of stairs leading into the subway. In the background we can see a couple walking up the stairs, heading for the surface. Other than that, she is alone and it’s night.

MJ: Mom? Uh, why aren’t you home? Ok, well I’m probably just talking to myself, but I had to stay late to help with inventory. I’m catching the last train out right now, so I should be home in about a half hour…

Panel Three: CU of MJ nervously waiting for the train, being careful not to stand anywhere near the edge. She’s watching a bum who is squatting down on the platform near the mouth of the subway tunnel, a bit worried by his behavior.

MJ:…sure would be nice if you met me at the station with the car. Hope everything’s-

Answering Machine: (over phone) BEEEP!

Panel Four: MS of MJ is closing her cellphone and pulling her coat tighter with the other hand. She is looking down at her feet, depressed. The bum is shuffling off up the stairs. From the tunnel, odd noises begin to erupt.

MJ: *sigh* Love you.


Panel Five: Low angle Medium LS of MJ stepping closer to the edge of the platform. Curiousity has taken hold.

MJ: …?

PAGE TWO, Six panels

Panel One: WA LS of the Green Goblin’s flying machine completely out of control, bumping into the opposite wall of the platform. GG is waving one arm up, trying to shake off Spiderman who is clinging onto GG’s neck for dear life. Spidey’s legs are flailing up behind them. MS of MJ watching in the foreground, her back is to us but we can tell from her body language that while she’s terrified, she’s exhilarated as well.

Spidey: Whooooooooa!

Spidey: (linked) You know, that’s gonna wreak havoc on the resale.

MJ: Ohmagawd! Spiderman?

Panel Two: CU of Spiderman turning his head, noticing her.


Panel Three: Medium LS of Spiderman falling backwards towards track as GG spins his flying machine up and off to the left towards the platform. MJ is ducking, although he’s not close to her.

Panel Four: MS of Spiderman hitting the subway tracks hard.

Panel Five: LS of GG riding his machine off up the stairway to the surface. CU of MJ’s in the foreground. She’s lying on the platform, terrified. She’s peaking back over her shoulder at GG escaping.

Spidey (OP): (weakly) Anyone get his plate number?

Panel Six: Tight MS of Spidey slowly getting up. He looks down the tunnel only to see the lights of oncoming subway train.

Spidey: Doesn’t feel like anything is…

Spidey: (link) …broken?

Spidey: (link) aw, crap.

PAGE THREE, Four panels

Panel One:
Medium LS of Spidey jumping backwards up onto the platform beside MJ (who is standing now).

Panel Two: Loose CU of Spidey nearly falling off the edge, his nose is inches from the subway train that’s barreling by. But MJ’s hand is firmly holding him by the shoulder, pulling him back. She looks surprised to be saving him, as much as he appears surprised that he didn’t quite nail his landing.

Panel Three: CU of Spidey standing on the edge of the platform, He is still facing the tracks, but his head is turned to look at her. MJ is staring at him dreamily, a cheesy grin has found its way across her face.

Spidey: Uh… thanks.

MJ: No problem, but he got away.

Spidey: Yeah, saw that. It’s a little late for you to be out alone, isn’t it?

MJ: Uh, who just saved whom?

Spidey: whh…I-I need to go get him.

Panel Four: LS Spidey is slinging his way up the stairs to the surface. Loose CU of MJ inside the subway watching him through the glass. She is completely under his spell. She looks like a lovesick kitten. That same stupid grin is still plastered across her face.

Page Four, Three Panels

Panel One: Ext. Subway station - Queens. LS of MJ standing on the semi-shoveled sidewalk outside the subway exit, looking around depressed. Her mother has not come for her.

Panel Two: Tight MS of MJ looking back to see Peter approaching her.

Peter: MJ?

MJ: Peter? What are you doing here?

Peter: Late tutoring session. Want to walk back together? I mean it’s late and-

Panel Three: LS of MJ and Peter as they head down the street. She teasingly bumps him with her shoulder. Her arm is already linked around his. She grins micheviously at him, as he reddens and stares at his feet.

MJ: Sure Peter…

MJ (link): I’ll protect ya.

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Spiderman Sample Script: "Devil's Advocate" - 2006
**a short sample script for artists that I created for the webforum: Penciljack. It's based of Sean McKeever's Spiderman Loves Mary Jane Series **

Devil’s Advocate
Ielle Palmer

PAGE ONE, Six Panels

Panel One: Evening - Fullshot of Spiderman smashing into a park water fountain, kicking up a huge spray every which way. Various people nearby are looking up alarmed.

CAPTION: "He’s not a menace!"

SPIDEY: Oofff!

Panel Two: Medium LS of DOC OC using one of his mechanical arms to lift Spidey up by the jaw and shake him.

CAPTION: “Liz… he’s just misunderstood.”

CAPTION 2: “Ugh, here we go. Harry, make her stop.”

Panel Three: LS of Doc tossing Spidey away towards some benches.

CAPTION: “Oh no, I’m not getting involved, this is between you two.”

Panel Four: CU of Spidey’s thrusting his hands outward, his webs spring outward.

CAPTION: “He’s a freak MJ…”

Panel Five: Spidey sling shots himself around a lamp-post and is heading back at DOC OC (MS of DOC in the foreground, ready to fight) his foot outstretched so that it’ll be the first thing to hit DOC.

CAPTION: “…They say he’s the reason all these other nutjobs are popping up all over town…”

Panel Six: CU of Spidey’s foot connecting with Doc’s jaw, smashing his face sideways.

CAPTION: “...for godsake, the man’s killed people!”

PAGE TWO, Four Panels

Panel One: LS of Spidey flying off away from the scene as cops are arriving. Doc OC is in the foreground, tied up in webbing and unconscious.

CAPTION: “Oh, that stupid Daily Bugle. It gets everything wrong. Liz, if only you knew him like I do.”

Panel Two: LS of Spidey in the background leaning on the billboard letters atop of the awning of an old second run movieplex. In the foreground we see MJ, Flash, Harry and Liz laughing & rough housing while leaving from a late night film. They seem so happy having a normal teenage life. Meanwhile Spidey’s posture shows how he wishes that he could be down there with them.

CAPTION: Oh-my-god! You don’t know him MJ! You’ve met him, what... twice? And if I remember correctly, he didn’t stick around very long either time.”
CAPTION 2: “What, you’ve never made a snap judgment about someone?”

Panel Three: CU of Spidey ducking as a laser blast misses him and smashes into the bricks behind him. His spidey-senses have been tripped, but nearly too late thanks to the MJ distraction.

CAPTION: “…I’ve seen what he can do. If anything, he goes out of his way not to hurt anyone. Even the nutjobs you're talking about.”

Panel Four: Same angle as panel two. Except now Spidey has lept off the movie marquee and is swinging through NYC chasing after Green Goblin who is speeding off on his flying machine. Below MJ and her gang have stopped to watch in aw, MJ the most impressed of all.

CAPTION: “He’s never asked for anything in exchange. He goes out there and tries to make a difference and all you can do is sit here complain. You’re such a brat!”

GG: Hee hee hee hee!!

Spidey: (just the standard angry scribble cloud, no actual dialogue)

PAGE THREE, Six Panels

Panel One: Fullshot of Spidey on a rooftop taking a break, holding a soda, his mask is pushed up over his nose. His shoulders are sagging from exhaustion, his head hanging a bit. His back is to the city, the back of his feet hang just over the edge of the rooftop.

CAPTION: “…We should be begging his forgiveness and throwing him tinker-tape parades!”

CAPTION 2: “…Please Harry, she’s killing me.”

Woman (O.P): Help!

Spidey: *sigh*

Panel Two: Ext. Queens – We’re back in Peter’s semi-nice neighborhood. LS of Spidey hanging upside down from a tree, passing a cat back to some eager old woman. Dawn is starting to break.
CAPTION: “Jesus MJ, Liz’s right. You make him out to be a saint.”

Panel Three: High Angle MS of teenaged Liz, MJ and Harry sitting around a table in the library talking. Annoyed, Liz is throwing up her hands at Harry (who is leaning away from her, since she looks as though she could easily bring her arms down and smack him in the face). Across from them, MJ has turned her attention to a nearby table, where PETER is sitting in the background, passed out into one of his books.

Liz: Do you see? Do you see what I deal with every fricken day? Spiderman this, Spiderman that. It’s not healthy!

MJ: Peter?

Panel Four: MS of Mary Jane now leaning on Peter’s table looking down at him, concerned. Peter is trying to wipe the drool away and not look like a retard in front of her. He’s completely embarrassed that she found him like that. In the background we can still see Liz flipping out on Harry, who still looks concerned for his own safety.

PETER: Oh, uh sorry… Hi MJ.

MJ: Don’t take this the wrong way Peter, but you look horrible.

PETER: Thanks?

MJ: If you want, we could reschedule our tutoring thing tonight-

Panel Five: MS of MJ sitting across from Peter smiling away. She’s looking at his books to see what he’s reading. He on the other hand can’t take his eyes off her.

PETER: No!... I-I mean, you’re not getting out of algebra that easy.

MJ: Honestly Peter Parker, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were out living it up last night. Silly, huh?

Panel Six: CU of Peter, utterly exhausted and sheepishly looking off to the side.

Peter: Yeah, silly.

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this is ielle palmer's comic database. here you'll find every "sample script for artists" that ielle currently has available.

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Her name is actually
Pronounced "YELL"

- She is a fair archer,
decent horseback rider
and a pianist who
needs to practice more.

- While living in LA she once scared "Goose" of Top Gun fame into running away from her.
Oddly enough she didn't
notice him until he ran.

- Grew up on a PONY farm.

- She is the proud adopted
parent to three female rats:
Maud’dib, Young Masbeth and Malee.




Protection: 4pg Spidey

Devil's Advocate: 3pg Spidey

Hindsight (PJ Writing Contest winner)

Confidant (Original 5pg Script)

Curfew: An Early Dialogue Exercise

Marvel's Civil War Script: Stamford

Thunderstruck: DC's Zatanna 8pgs

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