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Tuesday, June 05, 2007/5.6.07
Old School marvel-style script feat. Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Dr. Strange 5pgs
Old School Marvel-Style Script

This was created for a friend. He's using it for a submission to marvel. I'll post the dialogue after i create it. I'm waiting for the artwork to come back before both trying to come up with stuff. But at least you can get the idea.

Picks up where the scarlet witch/Hawkeye in the New Avengers (issue 26) left off.

Pg 1 summary
Hawkeye wanders the small streets of the tiny rustic Swiss/Germanic village (Wundagore Mountain is it actual name) which Wanda is hiding out in. (see New Avengers Issue# 26). He’s shopping alone in the open market for vegetables, out of uniform obviously (he left it at what was left of avengers mansion). Basic breakdown of the dialogue in this scene (so you know what kind of facial expressions you’ll need and such). He’s bartering with a fruit vender while thinking over the events of the previous night (sleeping with Wanda and her having absolutely no idea who he is or the avengers). He feels a bit guilty and he’s very concerned over what she’s become. He hems and haws over if he should tell anyone she’s there, turn her in, tell her who she really is or just let her live out her life in ignorant bliss. Suddenly the SHIELD HELICARRIER flies over head (this thing is massive and blocks out the sun most times). Hawkeye immediately recognizes that they’re there for Wanda; he drops his groceries and runs up the hill towards her house.

Pg 2 summary
Reaching her home (which is near the top of course). He sees SHIELD AGENTS covering the place. The lead agent is questioning a crying Wanda (mostly about where she’s been, and what is in the backroom of her small home – which FYI, marvel has been hinting that she has her dead aunt locked up in there like Norman Bates). She, like Hawkeye is sitting about in street clothing. The Agent appears to be a real dick yelling at her. At this point Hawkeye makes his move taking out an agent who has his back to him. He begins to take out the small group of ground troops that are guarding the front door. Feel free to improvise a page worth of fighting. (Don’t worry about the captain America-esk throwing of a garbage lid just yet; I’d save that for page 3, personally). Wanda sees him from out the window just as the lead agent also sees what’s going on outside. Wanda can’t believe what he’s doing (again remember she thinks he's a normal guy, not a trained fighting machine with a temper).

Pg 3 summary
The fight continues, however just as Hawkeye looks like he’s getting the upper hand he looks up to see more agents coming down from the helicarrier. This doesn’t seem to anger or disappoint him though. In fact he appears to thrive off it. A sick grin crosses his face. More fighting. Now is when I’d use the Captain America shot, in my opinion. Interspersed with this should be Wanda’s growing concern for Hawkeye’s safety. She’s watching this through her window of her small sparse home (again I’d look at New Avengers Issue 26 for references) The Agent angrily gives the order to take Hawkeye out and stop playing with him. He also tells another Agent beside him to “get that back room open” (this refers to the room in Issue 26 that perhaps Wanda keeps her dead aunt in). Wanda freaks, her eyes glow and her face looks evil as she calmly tells them off. (of course feel free to go back and forth from action to these panels where Wanda is stressing or whatever).

Pg 4 summary
Wanda bursts from her house, dark phoenix style levitating and holding both agents up by their throats, Darth Vader style. Her eyes are still glowing angry as she addresses the men that Hawkeye has been fighting, telling them to leave before things get worse. Hawkeye looks up at her, shocked and concerned that her powers have come out again. He calls her name. She looks over at him, crying because part of her still does not know what’s happening to her. She begins to take out various agents around Hawkeye as he tells her not to kill them. They banter back and forth about how killing won’t make it better. He tells her that she once hurt everyone and she can’t do that again. Wanda remembers killing him; this shocks her into releasing everyone. Hawkeye pulls her close and tells her that he forgives her. The lead agent tells his men to stop gawking and move in. Just as he does says this, the agents are hit by a wave of energy

Pg 5 summary
Dr. Strange appears telling them to SLEEP. Everyone passes out, including Wanda who is still in Hawkeye’s arms. However Hawkeye and Dr. Strange are very much awake. Dr. Strange tells him how Wanda’s re-awakened powers finally let him find her and that for her own safety; he (Dr. Strange) should take her away now. To get her the help she truly needs. Hawkeye relents and passes her over, however he insists on going with them. Dr. Strange tells Hawkeye there are more important things for him to do now and that in time, he can come and visit her if he wishes. They leave Hawkeye standing amid a sleeping town, lost and confused.

- end -

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ob-zurd thoughts
"Stamford Script" feat Dr. Strange - 7pgs
Stamford Script – 7 Pages

Page One – Three Panels

Panel One:
mid-day outside of a large elementary/middle school. There is a large track and an even larger playground and soccer field nearby. 13 year-old girls in gym uniforms are running a baton relay on the track.

Panel Two:
Isabelle Duncan (IZZY) stands in the foreground spacing out at something OP (off panel). Her face is utterly blank, her arms hanging at her sides. Behind her we can wee other girls running her direction, determined and carrying batons.

Panel Three:
IZZY is slammed into by ANN, her baton partner. Both are knocked off balance and forward. The baton files upward out of control.

Izzy: Oof!

Partner: Ow, IZZY!

Page Two – Five Panels

Panel One:
IZZY and ANN are sprawled out on the track. ANN is glaring at IZZY while holding her own knee in pain. IZZY continues to be transfixed with something OP. behind them the gym COACH is angrily marching to the scene followed by a small pack of giggling girls.

COACH: This is NOT rocket science girls. What part of PASS the baton are we not getting, MISS DUNCAN?

IZZY: I-I saw something.

COACH: I’m sure. Back to your blocks, girls! We’re doing it AGAIN!

Panel Two:
COACH and the girls are OP now. IZZY scowls, upset that no one believes her. WHILE ANN storms off, walking backwards and gesturing angrily back to IZZY (who is not looking at her). Behind them another girl, TARA, is looking off into the direction IZZY has been staring.

ANN: Thanks a ton, IZZY

IZZY: Look, someone flew over the trees!

ANN: Right -- You’re so WEIRD.

Panel Three:
IZZY bites her lip angrily, glaring off into the direction she was staring before. TARA is far behind her also calmly looking in that direction. (no dialogue)

Panel Four:
SAME ANGLE. IZZY's face is now one of disapointment and shame. Behind her TARA is running towards her, almost skipping in delight (no dialogue)

TARA: Omygawd, Ohmygawd!

Panel Five:
TARA shoves IZZY aside to get by her. IZZY Looks at her as if she's lost her mind. TARA on the other hand is so happy she could explode.


Page Three, four panels

Panel One:
Shot of the ENTIRE gym class from behind as they try to get a better view through the chain-link fence that surrounds the track. COACH is waving his clipboard and free hand at the girls in an attempt to herd them away. IZZY stands alone in the foreground, forgotten.

COACH: Ok, let’s go! It’s not like you haven’t seen them on TV.

GIRL: Can you see SPEEDBALL? He’s hot!

TARA: NAMORITA’S hair is so cool. Why’d I get stuck with poop brown?

GIRL3: Quit stepping on me, ANN!

ANN: MOVE, I can’t see!

Panel Two:
We see Nitro with no boots on, but half in his costume (see Civil War 1 for reference) jumping over the side of a nearby neighborhood wooden fence.

GIRL 5 (OP): Hey, he’s getting away! Who is that?

Panel Three:
Close in on IZZY, as she once again looks to be lost in some sort of trance. Her body limp, her face blank. Other Children are playing far behind her at the playground.

IZZY (in her trance): We aren’t the bargain basement losers you guys are USED to, baby.


IZZY (small): Benny.

Panel Four:
IZZY bolts away from her class, which is filing back towards the school. Her COACH shouts after her. ANN is standing beside him, puzzled by IZZY’s behavior.

Izzy: I need to find my brother!

COACH: Duncan, I said INSIDE! -- ISABELLE! -- Dammit! Detention, ALL AROUND!

ANN: What’d WE do?

COACH (smaller): Just get inside.

Page Four, Six panels

Panel One:
IZZY is running across the busy playground, frantic. In the far background we can see NAMORITA flying up over the trees.

Izzy: BEN!

Panel Two:
A small boy is crying on the floor of a hallway. IZZY has just accidently knocked the boy down. A teacher’s aide is attending to the little boy and angrily snapping at IZZY. IZZY has slightly turned (but not slowed down) to look back apologetically. The outside is still closing from where IZZY just crashed through it.

IZZY: I’m sorry!

AIDE: Young ladies WALK in hallways!

Panel Three:
IZZY bursts into her brother’s classroom where the children are having story time now. The TEACHER looks up at the door, startled.

TEACHER: Isabelle?

IZZY: Mrs. Mauro, where’s Ben?

TEACHER: Benjamin? But MISS WATSON just took him to see you. He wouldn’t stop crying.

Panel Four:
IZZY takes a moment at the corner of a hallway full of windows (a few open) to catch her breath. Her hands are on her slightly bent knees, propping the rest of her tired body up.

NAMORITA (OP): On your feet NITRO and don’t try any of your stupid explosions because--

Panel Five:
Upright now and back in her trance, IZZY has approached the open window. Through it we can see NAMORITA standing over Nitro who is leaning on a bus across the school yard.

IZZY (in trance): -- because that’s only going to make me hit you harder.


Panel Six:
Standing near a set of hallway firedoors, MISS WATSON looks relieved as BEN runs open armed towards IZZY. They boy can’t be more than 5. His little soup-bowl-cut straight hair flops as he runs. He has been crying, but he seems so happy now. IZZY also has snapped out of her trance-like state.

Izzy: BEN!

Page Five, Four panels

Panel One:
IZZY has picked her brother up and is stroking his head. Her back is to us, but BEN’s content face is directly in view. He couldn’t be happier or feel safer. Past them, through the windows we can see that the world is going WHITE.

IZZY: It’s ok BEN. We’re not here.

IZZY (linked and in trance): We’re NOT here.

Panel Two:
Close up of IZZY keeping her own eyes shut. The lighting should be burning bright now.

Izzy (trance): We’re NOT here.

Panel Three:
OUTSIDE, birds-eye view of the school yard, children and all go up in one big nuclear blast. No dialogue.

Panel Four:
IZZY opens one cautious eye. The light is cool and calm now.

DR. STRANGE (OP): You’re ABSOLUTELY right my dear. But perhaps you’d be kind enough to tell me why you’re HERE instead?

Page Six, Six Panels:

Panel One:
DR. STEPHEN STRANGE stands nearby looking inquisitively down at IZZY and BEN (whom she’s still holding). Both children appear surprised. They are nowhere, or rather a white void.

Izzy: Where -- How--

DR. STRANGE: How exactly! Forgive me but, you’ve surprised me and that so rarely happens anymore. It’s a bit refreshing, actually. Allow me to introduce myself, I am DR. STEPHEN STRANGE.


Panel Two:
Smirking, DR. STRANGE is snaps his fingers to conjure up a lollipop. BEN seems delighted by this act, but IZZY raises a distrusting eyebrow.

SNDFX: Snap!

DR. STRANGE: I wholeheartedly agree, son. Walk with me.

IZZY: Why should I?

Panel Three:
Close in on DR. STRANGE. He raises an amused eyebrow.

DR. STRANGE: My dear, you’re ALONE. BETWEEN realms and you’re worried about STRANGER DANGER? -- Just follow me.

Panel Four:
High angle of the trio walking. There is absolutely no background. BEN is clinging to IZZY as they follow DR. STRANGE, making it hard for her to walk.


IZZY: Maybe.

DR. STRANGE: You’re not about to make this easy for me, are you? Very well. Isabelle, I’m afraid I have some bad news.

IZZY: I’m dead.

Panel Five:
DR. STRANGE stops to look back at her, startled.

Dr. Strange: What? No, why does EVERYONE assume that here? Honestly, do you think the afterlife would be THIS dull?

IZZY: I was hoping it was a waiting room.

Panel Six:
A visibly frustrated DR. STRANGE moves his hands in various magical poses. A ring of magic begins to open space (like parting a cloud) in the void beside them revealing blue sky. BEN’s jaw drops in delight. IZZY however, is holding him protectively behind her. She raises a skeptical eye.

DR. STRANGE: I can see words alone will not satisfy you. I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Page Seven, Five Panels

Panel One:
The void around the portal, STRANGE has opened is swirling and turning a dark shade of gray. Inside it we can see and aerial view of the nuclear devastation that has hit Stamford, CT.

Dr. Strange (OP): You’re a lucky girl, Miss Duncan.

Panel Two:
Close in on IZZY. She tears up as the reality of it all is sinks in.

IZZY: I knew it BEFORE it happened.

DR. STRANGE (OP): Yes, I know.

IZZY: And I brought us HERE?

DR. STRANGE (OP): Yes my dear, it would seem that you did.

Panel Three:
DR. STRANGE is looking sadly at the portal (which is OP). Behind him IZZY looks up hopefully at his words. BEN is OP.

DR. STRANGE: ISABELLA DUNCAN, daughter of SAMUEL K and MARIA BREWER DUNCAN, you are something extraordinary.

IZZY: Like you?

Panel Four:
DR. STRANGE turns to look back at IZZY, once again amused by her words. One of his hands is waving back at the portal behind him causing it to reseal. IZZY stands in the foreground, BEN’s head can just be seen at her waist. He’s clinging to her still.

DR. STRANGE: Heh, not exactly. But I have met your like you before. Another natural -- SHE was a conundrum. A very dangerous conundrum. One which I made the mistake of dismissing once before. I will NOT make that mistake again.

DR. STRANGE (linked): So, shall we begin?

IZZY: I don’t understand.

Panel Five:
Birds eye view of DR. STRANGE leading the children off into the void. He has BEN’s hand. IZZY is following him more closely now, listening to his everyword.

DR. STRANGE: Well of course! What would be the point of me TEACHING you, then?

BEN: But, there’s no more school.

DR. STRANGE: This is a DIFFERENT school. And after a short conversation with your parents, whom I’m sure will be VERY relived to see you both. I have no doubt, that You and I, Miss Duncan, will be seeing much more of each other.

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Her name is actually
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- While living in LA she once scared "Goose" of Top Gun fame into running away from her.
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- Grew up on a PONY farm.

- She is the proud adopted
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