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Monday, February 19, 2007/19.2.07
Spiderman Sample Script: "Devil's Advocate" - 2006
**a short sample script for artists that I created for the webforum: Penciljack. It's based of Sean McKeever's Spiderman Loves Mary Jane Series **

Devil’s Advocate
Ielle Palmer

PAGE ONE, Six Panels

Panel One: Evening - Fullshot of Spiderman smashing into a park water fountain, kicking up a huge spray every which way. Various people nearby are looking up alarmed.

CAPTION: "He’s not a menace!"

SPIDEY: Oofff!

Panel Two: Medium LS of DOC OC using one of his mechanical arms to lift Spidey up by the jaw and shake him.

CAPTION: “Liz… he’s just misunderstood.”

CAPTION 2: “Ugh, here we go. Harry, make her stop.”

Panel Three: LS of Doc tossing Spidey away towards some benches.

CAPTION: “Oh no, I’m not getting involved, this is between you two.”

Panel Four: CU of Spidey’s thrusting his hands outward, his webs spring outward.

CAPTION: “He’s a freak MJ…”

Panel Five: Spidey sling shots himself around a lamp-post and is heading back at DOC OC (MS of DOC in the foreground, ready to fight) his foot outstretched so that it’ll be the first thing to hit DOC.

CAPTION: “…They say he’s the reason all these other nutjobs are popping up all over town…”

Panel Six: CU of Spidey’s foot connecting with Doc’s jaw, smashing his face sideways.

CAPTION: “...for godsake, the man’s killed people!”

PAGE TWO, Four Panels

Panel One: LS of Spidey flying off away from the scene as cops are arriving. Doc OC is in the foreground, tied up in webbing and unconscious.

CAPTION: “Oh, that stupid Daily Bugle. It gets everything wrong. Liz, if only you knew him like I do.”

Panel Two: LS of Spidey in the background leaning on the billboard letters atop of the awning of an old second run movieplex. In the foreground we see MJ, Flash, Harry and Liz laughing & rough housing while leaving from a late night film. They seem so happy having a normal teenage life. Meanwhile Spidey’s posture shows how he wishes that he could be down there with them.

CAPTION: Oh-my-god! You don’t know him MJ! You’ve met him, what... twice? And if I remember correctly, he didn’t stick around very long either time.”
CAPTION 2: “What, you’ve never made a snap judgment about someone?”

Panel Three: CU of Spidey ducking as a laser blast misses him and smashes into the bricks behind him. His spidey-senses have been tripped, but nearly too late thanks to the MJ distraction.

CAPTION: “…I’ve seen what he can do. If anything, he goes out of his way not to hurt anyone. Even the nutjobs you're talking about.”

Panel Four: Same angle as panel two. Except now Spidey has lept off the movie marquee and is swinging through NYC chasing after Green Goblin who is speeding off on his flying machine. Below MJ and her gang have stopped to watch in aw, MJ the most impressed of all.

CAPTION: “He’s never asked for anything in exchange. He goes out there and tries to make a difference and all you can do is sit here complain. You’re such a brat!”

GG: Hee hee hee hee!!

Spidey: (just the standard angry scribble cloud, no actual dialogue)

PAGE THREE, Six Panels

Panel One: Fullshot of Spidey on a rooftop taking a break, holding a soda, his mask is pushed up over his nose. His shoulders are sagging from exhaustion, his head hanging a bit. His back is to the city, the back of his feet hang just over the edge of the rooftop.

CAPTION: “…We should be begging his forgiveness and throwing him tinker-tape parades!”

CAPTION 2: “…Please Harry, she’s killing me.”

Woman (O.P): Help!

Spidey: *sigh*

Panel Two: Ext. Queens – We’re back in Peter’s semi-nice neighborhood. LS of Spidey hanging upside down from a tree, passing a cat back to some eager old woman. Dawn is starting to break.
CAPTION: “Jesus MJ, Liz’s right. You make him out to be a saint.”

Panel Three: High Angle MS of teenaged Liz, MJ and Harry sitting around a table in the library talking. Annoyed, Liz is throwing up her hands at Harry (who is leaning away from her, since she looks as though she could easily bring her arms down and smack him in the face). Across from them, MJ has turned her attention to a nearby table, where PETER is sitting in the background, passed out into one of his books.

Liz: Do you see? Do you see what I deal with every fricken day? Spiderman this, Spiderman that. It’s not healthy!

MJ: Peter?

Panel Four: MS of Mary Jane now leaning on Peter’s table looking down at him, concerned. Peter is trying to wipe the drool away and not look like a retard in front of her. He’s completely embarrassed that she found him like that. In the background we can still see Liz flipping out on Harry, who still looks concerned for his own safety.

PETER: Oh, uh sorry… Hi MJ.

MJ: Don’t take this the wrong way Peter, but you look horrible.

PETER: Thanks?

MJ: If you want, we could reschedule our tutoring thing tonight-

Panel Five: MS of MJ sitting across from Peter smiling away. She’s looking at his books to see what he’s reading. He on the other hand can’t take his eyes off her.

PETER: No!... I-I mean, you’re not getting out of algebra that easy.

MJ: Honestly Peter Parker, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were out living it up last night. Silly, huh?

Panel Six: CU of Peter, utterly exhausted and sheepishly looking off to the side.

Peter: Yeah, silly.

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